One of the strengths of the Multi-Color Chile facility is the versatility to supply world’s best premium label solutions to our customers specializing in the Wine & Spirits and Consumer Products markets.

Knowledge of the demanding high value-add labels market results from our experience of over 30 years in Chile, which has made us one of the most awarded label printing companies in the country. Our facility is dedicated to the conversion of pressure sensitive, shrink sleeve and cut & stack labels printed in flexographic, digital and sheet-fed offset technologies.

  • Multi-Color Pressure Sensitive Label
  • Multi-Color Pressure Sensitive Label
  • Multi-Color Pressure Sensitive Label
Multi-Color Label Goes Ultra-Premium Case Study




Viña Concha y Toro, wanted to create a value-added label for a new strategic product. “Leyenda” (Legend) was to be the company’s first Casillero del Diablo in an “ultra-premium” version at a very low volume production. Our client had unsuccessfully tested a small offset printed sample, and they decided to invite Multi-Color Chile to present a different label solution.

While it was a challenge to achieve the visual appeal the customer desired, once we developed our proposal - recreating the desired ultra premium effect - it was quickly approved with complete satisfaction. This flexographic label also received the Best in Category award, the Flexo Benny, at the 2015 Premier Print Awards.




Through our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we are constantly investing in new technologies, materials and processes to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry, pioneering new standards for premium labels. From raw materials to finished goods, our in-house Research & Development team has a focused effort on new product development and new market innovations that help build brands and drive sales.


Killer White™ Innovation

Killer White™
Multi-Color’s exclusive uncoated label paper looks brilliant, performs superbly and handles beautifully in the wet. The pure white matt surface is the perfect canvas for any label, and the unique White Shield™ polymer resin moisture barrier delivers superior refrigerator and ice bucket performance. From some of the world’s most exclusive and exceptional wines, to boutique producers and global brands, Killer White™ offers premium quality, timeless appeal and superior performance.

Tintas Glow-in-the-dark Innovation

Tintas Glow-in-the-dark
The application of special inks can give your product an innovative effect, not only on the shelf but also when they are ready for consumption. In the case of Glow-in-the-Dark inks, your product will draw attention in dim light situations. Above is a label designed for a product to be consumed in clubs, with a phosphorescent effect in dim light and a striking effect under black light.


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